Get started on the path to becoming an upstream contributor.

Starting Date: 28th June 2021

Gaining Technological Knowledge

Get familiar with Free (Libre) and Open Source Software and its vast ecosystem

Privacy and Ethics in Programming

Do you realise the impact of the code you write? Why does privacy matter in an open online world? Learn why hacking is a *good* thing and why we need to do more of it (as opposed to its evil twin, cracking)

Real-world project experience

Learn how software is written and managed in real life

Get acquainted with Free Software technologies

Learn why being in control of the code you use is important and how to use it

Online reading materials

Between fast paced text books, session logs and links to a ton of curated knowledge, you will have your hands (and mind) full

Talks by international upstream contributors

Learn from the best. Heavy weights with years of experience and wisdom share all they know

Direct interaction with core contributors

Meet and learn from folks who have walked the path before. Alumni who used the Summer Training to vault themselves into being valued members of the open source community

Soft skill training

Ask better questions
Learn to blog
Communicate effectively

Revisiting programming fundamentals

Don’t let your computer limit what you can do. Learn how to use them to get things done instead of doing them manually and do even more! We speak Python for the same.

Communication skills

Write better email
Learn netiquette
Learn the joys of making friends over IRC

Free Software project guidelines

How do you commit code to a project?
How do you work with the people you collaborate with?
What are the whys and hows?
Learn all about it here

Free Software Licenses

How do you protect your work?
How do you give it away?
How do you make sure you get credit for your work?
Why is copyright important?

How to Join?

Join the mailing list and the IRC channel(#dgplug on irc.libera.chat). If you need help with IRC, read this guide. All important details will be sent to the mailing list.

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  • A computer with any recent GNU/Linux distribution installed
  • A decent Internet connection
  • Attitude to learn
  • Go through previous years’ IRC session logs

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