DGPLUG Summer Training 2022

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Get started on the path to becoming an upstream open source contributor.

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What you get?

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Get Started

  1. Join the mailing list

    You can join the dgplug mailing list here to ask any doubts.

  2. Join our IRC channel

    You can join us in #dgplug channel in irc.libera.chat server. You can find more information about IRC here: https://summertraining.readthedocs.io/en/latest/irc.html.

  3. Get a Linux computer and Internet

    To get the most out of this training, we recommend you have GNU/Linux OS installed on your computer.

  4. Have an attitude to learn

    The motto of dgplug is “Learn yourself and teach others”. The summer training effort is a huge part of this. We try to learn together and help each other.

  5. Some before-you-start things

    We highly encourage you to go through this before-you-start guide to get into the right mindset